Village Children Hold Classes In Their New School Still Under Construction

Moms Against Poverty is pleased to share that another school project is currently coming to its completion in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, situated southeast of Iran, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Thanks to funds from the Tahbazof Family Foundation, MAP is building a school for the children of one of the most impoverished and desolate rural regions of Iran – in the parched village of Laadi in Daelgan County. To get to this remote village from Iran’s capital, Tehran, one must travel 10 hours on a bus following a 2-hour flight. The region has been hit by drought for the past decades and the village’s access to water is only for two hours a day. The area’s scorching summer temperatures reach 120+ F, and, in winter the desert sand storms combined with freezing winds make life almost intolerable. The province of Sistan and Baluchestan today is the most underdeveloped, desolate, and poorest of Iran’s provinces. This region is also a route for drug trafficking activities and a scene for organized crime which make life for its residents harsher than one can possibly imagine.

Village children hold classes in their new school still under construction. (left/first video above)

It is for these reasons that MAP and the Tahbazof Family Foundation decided to undertake a school project in this particular region. We value the importance of education in poverty stricken regions where education is not a basic right. By building this school, we are giving the region’s youngest a chance at breaking the cycle of poverty by getting an education.

Implementing this project came with great hurdles that are hard to envisage in the 21st century, but it also comes with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. We know the village’s 200 boys and girls are counting the days to the launch of their new school when they no longer have to sit in a makeshift classroom with a dirt floor or under the scorching sun or in the numbing winter winds to learn.

Our sincere gratitude to the Tahbazof Family Foundation for continuing to bring the gift of education to the children of Iran.

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