Senegal Meal Program

By Darya Kaviani, MAP Senegal Outreach Coordinator
September 25, 2020

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The Problem
No child deserves to go hungry, yet due to the severe droughts that have ravaged Sénégal in the past decade, often followed up by deadly floods, harvests have been depleted and nearly one in five Sénégalese children are affected by acute malnutrition.

We want to play a role in reversing that narrative and ensuring that in spite of the social, economic, and environmental factors over which we have no control, the children we directly serve are never hungry.

According to the Food Research & Action Center, nutritious school meals are not only necessary for maintaining student health, but they also boost student learning and help alleviate food insecurity and poverty.

Our Meal Program
Today, many Senegalese parents rely on their children’s school system to defray the cost of feeding their children. MAP strives to utilize our unique position to transform student diets. While unhealthy junk food is often more affordable, we aim to provide school-sanctioned and approved healthy meals.

MAP provides funding to each of our preschools in Sénégal to provide healthy snacks and meals during the school day such as eggs, which supplement student diets with vital protein and nutrients that they may not otherwise receive.

The Impact
Today, approximately 1,000 Senegalese students are covered by our meal program across our preschools, lightening the burden of putting food on the table for hundreds of families. With your contribution, we can further our influence, fill more bellies, and continue to broaden our impact in the fight against child hunger.

To help support these efforts please donate.

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Every $1 Provides a Lifeline to a Poverty-Stricken Child.

A child with a full belly is a child who's ready to learn.

Thank you for your Donation.

Thank you for becoming
a monthly donor.

Every $1 provides a lifeline to a poverty-stricken child.

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