Quest for Iranian Marathon Record

An Iranian-American citizen looking to raise money for
any Iranian programs Moms Against Poverty offers.

Adam is an Iranian American distance runner. His father, Massoud Malek, was born in Tehran, Iran. He came to the United States just prior to the Iranian Revolution. As a young man, Adam grew up loving athletics. He started off as a fan of Olympic wrestling and hockey. He began running cross country during his junior year of high school. This compelled him to be a competent distance runner after starting out as a mediocre talent. He continues to progress as he practices and gains a greater understanding of the sport. Adam spent a lot of time recently deciding on what his career goals might be. He decided to further explore his Iranian heritage, and realized that the Iranian national marathon record was an attainable mark for him to break. The official record, set by Hossein Bejdouj in 2002, is set at 2:28:23. Adam feels he can break this mark, possibly in his first attempt at the distance. Adam is hoping he can represent Iran in international competitions. Here is a link to Adam’s recent results.

Adam has always had a passion for helping others. According to the United Nations, Iran is ranked the world’s 27th poorest nation with forty percent (40%) of the population living in poverty. UNICEF estimates over 1.5 million Iranian children live in orphanages. The charity of Adam’s choosing, Moms Against Poverty, is committed to serving and supporting Iran’s orphans and underprivileged children. Adam is looking to raise funds to give back to children in Iran, especially those affected by the August 11th earthquake in the Azerbaijan Region of Iran. Adam is hoping that If he succeeds in breaking the mark, his personal achievement will inspire others to be just as passionate about his cause.

Donations will be at the liberty of the donor. Whole dollars are preferred. The goal is to raise at least $2,000 to help provide adequate resources for orphaned and disabled Iranian children. Adam and the volunteers at Moms Against Poverty thank you in advance for your gratitude and love!

Please visit Adam’s page on to make a donation.

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