• Orphaned and neglected children are some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. UNICEF estimates that there are over 150 million orphans worldwide. These children are often hungry, scared, confused and lonely.

    Many of them live in institutional orphanages with dreadful conditions, with children often facing neglect and abuse. Many well-intentioned and loving orphan homes face lack of funding and resources to properly provide for the children in their care.

    Our Orphan Care Programs help to transform the lives of these children by providing for them the love and care that they deserve.

    We strive and care for the children’s physical, educational, and emotional wellbeing giving them hope and a bright future, so they may grow up and lead, happy, productive, dignified adult lives.

  • Our Programs Include:

    • Developing and managing loving homes for children around the world. Our homes foster family style living with programs that help our children become healthy, happy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world. Over 7 million children are in institutional care worldwide. Learn More by visiting HOPE Children’s Home Cambodia link below.
    • We identify, well-intentioned and loving orphanages facing lack of funding and resources to properly provide for the children in their care. We renovate these orphanages around the world, improving the living conditions for these children. Learn More by visiting Renovation of Orphanages in Iran link below.


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Iran <b>Earthquake Update</b> Nov 22, 2017

Iran Earthquake Update Nov 22, 2017

https://youtu.be/Lb-esHMfCd8On-site report from Dr. Ashkan Taghipour, Managing Director of Nikgaman Jamshid, MAP’s sister NGO in Iran"We are currently stationed in
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Iran <b>Earthquake Update</b> Nov 17, 2017

Iran Earthquake Update Nov 17, 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjTfPuKVmEgThis coming Saturday, under the direct supervision of Dr. Ashkan Taghipour (Director of MAP's Sister NGO in Iran - Nikghman
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MAP <b>Iran Earthquake</b> 2017 <b>Campaign</b>
MAP’s Third School in Senegal

MAP’s Third School in Senegal

We are pleased to report that we have finished construction of our third school in Mbour, Senegal. The school is
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MAP Education Program in Cambodia

MAP Education Program in Cambodia

We are pleased to share that our school in Cambodia - HOPE School - is now providing free day programs, preschool
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