Omeed Cultural Center in Shonbeh, Iran

Shonbeh is located in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr. In 2013, several earthquakes hit and devastated this region. MAP took immediate action and assisted in the rebuilding efforts in the region. Thanks to generous contributions by MAP donors, as per the request of the residents of Shonbeh, we re-built the town’s cultural center, which was named “Omeed”, meaning “hope” in Farsi.

Bushehr is a town rich in culture and history, but it is one of Iran’s poorest provinces with an underlying environment of crime and drug use. This center acts as a sanctuary for the town’s children, women and families, empowering them with various studies and providing them a safe haven by keeping them off the streets and away from drug use.

Upon its completion, Omeed Center was turned over to the province’s Cultural Bureau. Since then, with the help of our Sister NGO, Nikgaman Jamshid, the Center has been active in offering the town’s residents, in particular the children of Shonbeh and nearby villages, various cultural and educational programs, such as computer, art, photography, sewing, acting, and music.

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