New School Bus For Our Education Outreach Program

We are so excited to have purchased a new school bus for our Education Outreach Program, thanks to the Generosity of the following donors:

Samaneh Tahbazof

Mina Motahari

Mandana Sigaroudi

Alex Mortazavi
Lily Sarafan
Natalie Milani Yumlu

Leila Azad
Mary A Deshadarevian
Jacqueline Huie
S Hossein A N Moosavi
Todd Murray
Richard R Rocha
Nikola Tomic
Saye Yabandeh

In 2012 MAP started the Education Outreach Program in the small village of Break Bonggong in Kandal Province which is close to Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh. Most of the villagers are farmers, fishermen or construction workers. Low income, illiteracy, school drop-our and child labor is rampant at this village. The teen and young adults are at risk due to lack of prospect and hope which often leads them into a downward spiral of depression, alcohol, violence and drugs. MAP’s Education Outreach Program helps the poor families in the community to find ways to avoid child labor. Families join workshops about good parenting and educational awareness programs. Their children receive free education at our Outreach School where they receive high quality education in English, Computer, Math and Cambodian.

On the weekends we offer a broad range of cultural and sport activities such as Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum, Piano, Soccer, Boxing, Painting, Dancing and a Cinema. In 2015 MAP serves around 120 children, teenagers and young adults. Having no transport vehicle, all students reach our programs by foot, bicycle or scooter which limits the impoverished children and families to join our program. This bus is a vital part of helping us grow and serve many more children so that they can have a better future

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