MAP’s Free Learning Centers in Orissa, India

The State of Orissa (Odisha) is one of the top ten poorly educated states in India. Pursuing education is often discouraged by parents of school-aged children, because it does not help contribute to the household income. Due to poor educational standards in these regions, even if children stay in school and finish high school (i.e. 10 years of education), they can barely read and write, or find jobs which will allow them to sustain their lives.

The girls are often married off; and boys obtain jobs which usually pay less than $3/day, doing work such as: rickshaw pulling, working at construction site, or brick kilns.

MAP’s free Learning Centers throughout the region offer to hundreds of impoverished children quality education and a chance for them to advance to higher education and to find better paying jobs in various fields.

These Centers are established and managed with our sister NGO, Prishan Foundation in India. We offer the children, before and afterschool classes and meals in a safe and nurturing environment. Our classes foster academic excellence to ensure that each child is thoroughly prepared for higher education. We keep track of the children’s progress through bi-weekly exams and obtain monthly reports on each child from their teachers. We also discuss the children’s progress with their families and encourage them to be more involved in their child’s education.

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