MAP U.S. Nutrition Outreach Program

Research has shown that hunger impairs a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school and that children who struggle with hunger are more likely to experience headaches, stomach aches, colds, ear infections, and fatigue. According to the USDA, 15.3 million children live in food-insecure households. Many of these families want to make healthy meals at home for their kids bur are unable due to the cost of healthy groceries.

MAP Nutrition Outreach Program is developed to serve impoverished children and families within your community. The goal of the program is to fulfill the emergency and vital food needs of these children and families. MAP works with schools, community centers and shelters to identify hard working families who are facing difficulties in their lives. Often, parents have to make the hard choice between paying their bills and providing food for their children.

Our program provides children with healthy and nutritious protein and vegetables, which is not easily accessible through food pantries. The food is delivered to schools, community center or shelters on a regular basis, kept in a freezer and distributed by the school or center liaison to the families based on demand.

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