MAP Schools in Senegal 

We are excited to share pictures of Georgetown University students visiting MAP schools in Senegal.
Larson Holt from Natangue Senegal who lead the trip writes, “We visited the beautiful schools that MAP has built at Coumba Dinding Sonko, and at Cheikh Amadou Lô. It was my first time there in a while so I hadn’t had the chance to see those new schools.  I attached pictures for you to see (the group photo is at Sonko, the others are at CALO).
The teachers and directors asked me to again express their gratitude directly, to MAP, for giving them such a fantastic place to work and to be with students.  They’re currently working to get a lunch program started for the kindergarten so that students have something healthy to eat. It’s such a fantastic place, and a real model to the community and the city for what a school can represent…”


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