MAP Pre-School Center (Mahd Roosta) Establishment Program in Villages of Iran

MAP is establishing pre-school centers in 100 impoverished, rural, and remote villages of Iran. These remote village communities are identified and selected based on the populations’ critical needs and necessities.

Life in these locations usually entails farming or herding livestock with most of the village residents living in poverty. Generally, infants and young children spend the day on their mothers’ backs on a farm; and older children work with their fathers. School aged children have to travel to nearby towns for access to education, where they find themselves academically trailing behind their peers.

These pre-school centers (Mahd Roosta) provide a secure environment where parents can safely leave their children to learn and play in preparation for start of elementary school. The children receive education and hot meals in a loving and nurturing environment, under the supervision of trained personnel, while their parents work and support their families.

By Sponsoring a Center You will give the gift of early education to the children of Iran and ensure that these beautiful children have the opportunity to flourish and thrive, as all children should. With full sponsorship, a name plaque, with the name of your choice, will be placed in the center, in compliance with the region’s social conventions.

Read the Flyer Here | For more Information please contact [email protected]

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