MAP in the US

This year MAP has adopted a child focused Mental Health Initiative in San Mateo County, CA. This program serves homeless children and teens exhibiting behavioral issues such as depression, suicide, aggression, panic attacks or other mental illnesses caused from childhood trauma. The Alleviating Child Trauma Project(ACT) at InnVision Shelter Network currently supports 120 families, including 60 children.

There are many more children like Katie such as Oliver, Abigail and Ophelia who have shown
significant improvement in their mental and social skills.

Your generosity and support has helped many children such as 4 year old Katie; who in her young life has experienced extreme unstable and chaotic living conditions. Upon arriving into the ACT program, Katie had violent tantrums, speech difficulty and other social behavioral issues. Since being in the program Katie’s tantrums have reduced dramatically and she is developing healthy speech and social behavior.


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