MAP in Cambodia - The Year in Review

By  Vanntin Hoeurn
December 20, 2019

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Thank you all for your kindness and generosity over the years. With your support, there are currently 110 children receiving free education and vocational training at MAP’s school in Cambodia. This school provides opportunity and pathway for impoverished children living in Prek Ta Kov Commune, Kandal Province and surrounding villages. Many of these children are at risk of being subject to forced labor, sex trade, domestic violence, substance abuse and so forth.

2019 was a successful year for MAP Cambodia, we have focused on strengthening our Computer Learning Class; we have seen some improvement regarding the Java Eclipse coding class. The students have successfully created their own calculator and in the process of finishing a software which will be used for taking attendance at the school. We are also proud to report that the alumni (Doch Chkae) of our Music Wellness Program were invited to play one of the biggest music festivals in Germany, Wacken. Doch Chkae also brought with them some merchandise produced by MAP Cambodia’s sewing class students. As a result, we have expanded our Music Wellness Program and introduced a new Media Academy which provides vocational training program opportunities including graphic design, photography, music, and fashion to the children. As part of the Media Academy, our talented children in the multimedia and music program wrote, directed and produced a music video entitled “I Am the Masterchef”.

We are also excited to report that one of our students – Thorn Minea – who received music training from MAP is now able to financially support himself by playing music. To add on, Vartey Ganiva, who is a music teacher and a bookkeeper at the MAP’s school in Cambodia, has also appeared on House Hunters and other national television programs. The English program has also seen a resurgence for 2019. One of the teenage students, Sakada, have had a one-off gig and worked as a tour guide for a group of tourists who went on a fishing trip. MAP’s school in Cambodia also hosted the annual concert in 2019 which involved performances from students, MAP Cambodia Music bands alongside other local musicians.

Due to the COVID:19 scare, mass closures of schools and community centers leave impoverished families and children without free food they'd normally have access to through our partnership programs.

Thousands of impoverished children who depend on receiving free food in these locations daily are suffering. We are working diligently with our 30 partner schools and centers in various locations in the country to viably address the food insecurity needs of the community. Please donate and join us in this effort to help our community get through these hard times.

Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran

Iran is facing a crisis with the number of individuals infected by the corona virus climbing daily. This has affected the medical sector and increased prices of medicine.

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Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran

Please Help the Children and Families in Iran.

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