MAP Education Outreach Program & School in Cambodia

In 2012 MAP launched the Education Outreach Program and School in a small village named Break Bonggong in Kandal Province, not far from Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh.

Most of the village residents are illiterate and live in poverty with low income jobs such as; construction, farming or fishing. Child labor is rampant leading to school drop-out and the lack of prospects for young adults often leads into a downward spiral of depression, violence, alcohol and drug abuse.

MAP Education Outreach Program fosters and promotes emotional, social and physical well-being by teaching students the joy of learning, the love of discovery, the confidence to grow, and a sense of responsibility and respect for others. Additionally, we strive to develop student creativity through engagement in the arts and explore emerging technologies and opportunities with computer education.

This program works closely with the parents and families to find ways to keep the children in school and prevent them to be forced into labor. The families are offered parenting and educational awareness workshops and their children receive scholarships to study in our Outreach School where they receive high quality education in English, Computer, Math and Cambodian with a broad range of cultural, sports and art extra curricular activities such as; Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum, Piano, Soccer, Boxing, Painting, Dancing and Cinema.

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