MAP Boys Home in Ambodola, India

MAP and Prishan Foundation (MAP’s Sister NGO in India) manage a loving and nurturing home for 15 abandoned and orphaned boys in the village of Ambodola.

Odisha has a high population of abandoned children due to poverty and families lacking funds to care for their children. . In Odisha, additionally, many children become orphans at an early age as a result of losing their parents to various illnesses, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and waterborne diseases.

Our Boys’ Home provides a safe and family like environment where orphaned and abandoned children can learn and thrive. Our boys attend public school and are also engaged in extracurricular classes and activities.

Once our boys graduate from high school, we will help them to find jobs or get admitted to higher education institutions. We aim to guide them to become independent young adults. We encourage them to continue their contact with our center and to remain a part of our family.

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