MAP 2013 Mid-Year Report

May 2013

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your participation and the efforts of our dear volunteers who are growing in number, 2013 has so far been a year of various successful fundraising activities; from our annual March fundraiser in Virginia with 450 participants, to our first fundraiser in Southern California with 300 participants and various other individual and community group fundraisers. We are deeply grateful to all the sponsors and individuals that made these events possible.

All your hard work and generosity has facilitated numerous programs which provide education, healthcare and basic needs for thousands of underprivileged children in the United States, Iran, India, Cambodia and Afghanistan. Please continue reading on to learn more about our programs and the work you have made possible.

Furthermore, we want to report that our campaign to benefit children in Iran has been well received and we are pleased to announce that the first phase of construction of our school in Azerbaijan has commenced, in addition to a pilot educational program in Kerman.

These children need your continued support and giving. Together, we will carry on serving many children by providing them brighter futures and better opportunities.

On behalf of the children, we thank you,
MAP Board Members

MAP in Iran

This year, we have focused on two programs in Iran:
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  • Establishing a one-of-a-kind, innovative vocational and therapy center for orphaned and handicapped children in Kerman (computer education, accounting and business, counseling and psychotherapy, occupational therapy & more …)
  • Building a school and dormitory for children of Azerbaijan Province. (A permanent school and dormitory for children displaced by the 8/12 earthquake.)

We are pleased to report that the first phase of both programs has commenced.

The school will be located in the village of Asheglou in Azerbaijan, and the first phase of construction has commenced.

Additionally, we have rented a facility in Kerman and launched a pilot educational center to support the children in the interim period and until we raise the funds required for expansion of this program.

MAP in Cambodia

Our programs in Cambodia continue to grow. The children are thriving at HOPE Children’s Home which is now home to 21 children. In the last several months, we have been making much needed improvements to the building, such as plumbing, roof repair and expansion of the home for newcomers.

We are also pleased to report that our new Family Outreach Program has proven to be a great success. Many children in Cambodia are underprivileged, abused or neglected, without having anyone who is capable of caring for them. However some of these children have loving parents who are simply incapable of providing for their education and food. These parents often try to put their children into a home/orphanage so that they can receive education. While this option might provide a better financial future for the child, the separation from their loving parent is less than ideal. The Family Outreach Program was developed to support these situations. This program provides school uniforms, school materials, medical treatment, rice and counseling for the children while they live with their parents at home. Currently, the Outreach Program is supporting a total of 11 children and seven adults in six different locations.

MAP in the U.S.

We are dedicated to supporting the children within our own communities and have adopted a new mental health counseling program at Shelter Network in Burlingame, CA. This program is designed to help children at this shelter to stay in school while they receive the support they need to surpass what they have endured in their young lives.

In addition, MAP continues fighting poverty in the U.S with our Helping Hand Project. This program delivers food and basic needs to various communities; such as students at Sugarland Elementary School, VA.

MAP in India

MAP continues to support 50 girls at Assist Orphanage in Orissa by providing them with food, education and healthcare.
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MAP in Afghanistan

MAP continues to support computer, literacy, peace, cultural exchange and environmental educational programs at Rokhshana Girls School in Kabul. We are pleased to highlight that 1,100 students are enrolled in the Computer Education program in which students learn Microsoft Office and web browsing. The most significant aspect of their learning will come later in the year when they begin to apply their computer knowledge to completing their assignments, solving problems, learning how to access information, and most importantly, gaining skills that will enable them (upon graduation) to successfully seek employment opportunities.

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