Iran Earthquake Update Nov 17, 2017

This coming Saturday, under the direct supervision of Dr. Ashkan Taghipour (Director of MAP’s Sister NGO in Iran – Nikghman Jamshid), two large trucks will be leaving Tehran for the earthquake-stricken areas of Western Iran, taking the most needed items such as: blankets, canned food, baby formula, biscuits, tea bags, bread, sugar, pre-cooked canned rice, feminine hygiene products, soap, detergents, toilet and tissue paper, diapers, baby cereal, winter jackets, warm undergarments, heavy duty plastic bags, and rubbing alcohol.

All the purchases have been made and, currently, the Nikgaman Jamshid staff and volunteers are packing the items for distribution as pre-packed bags, i.e. general bags, women’s bags, children’s bags, and misc bags). This is the first phase of emergency relief within our earthquake relief undertakings.


Thank you for all your kind support, we will continue to keep you updated.

UPDATE: Nov 22 | Nov 26

_____ MAP holds an OFAC License and has been working in Iran since 2010. 100% of donations collected from this campaign will go toward earthquake relief and reconstruction. Our staffing and other expenses in Iran are funded by MAP’s General Funds.

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