IRAN COVID-19 Response Report
Your Contribution in Action

By Daniel Judge
April 3, 2020

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Iran has been the most devastating hot spot for the Coronovirus Pandemic in the Middle East, with death rates climbing daily, and response further hindered by a critical shortage of medical supplies pre-pandemic. As part of our relief efforts, our NGO arm in Iran,  Nikgaman Jamshid Charity, has been consistently sourcing and distributing critical equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment) to better equip hospitals and public institutions to combat the disease. Included at the end of this update is a list of all the hospitals served by MAP via Nikgaman Jamshid Charity to date. 

Thanks to your generosity, in the last month a total of $100,808.61 was invested towards medical machinery for hospitals,  donations empowering us to purchase life-support equipment, such as dialysis machines, ventilators, and electrocardiograms. Additionally, $73,491.51 was spent on personal protective equipment (PPE) to equip hospital personnel and patients, including isolation clothing, surgical gowns, masks, and face shields. While hospitals are running out of these supplies at an alarming rate, MAP will continue to subsidize their supplies as the pandemic continues. 

We are pleased to announce that the Latter-Day Saints Charities (LDS) has provided a $100,000 grant to MAP to send additional PPE to hospitals in seven of Iran’s provinces. This is an addition to LDS’s continued generosity totaling $510,000 of support toward the Iranian people since last year’s nationwide floods. We are grateful for LDS’s immense love and generosity. 

Beyond hospital support, MAP also donated PPEs to public orphanages and homeless shelters in Iran, in addition to educational support, where the virus has a more prolific chance of spreading. The people there are hurting the most and often can’t self-isolate or afford to stop working their jobs or discontinue begging. 

A crucial strategy to eradicate COVID-19 is to support high-risk communities where the disease will continue to propagate. Because of this, we have provided a total of $22,165.19 toward cleaning supplies and $34,330.75 toward PPE for public orphanages and shelters. 

So far, we have spent over $230,000 towards treatment and prevention, distributing nearly 10,000 facemasks and hundreds of liters of disinfectants and surface cleaners. While this is an accomplishment that tackles the first phase of the pandemic to alleviate the ever-increasing need, the situation in Iran continues to be grave. As among one of two non-profits in the US with a sizable relief team in Iran, we need your support to continue helping a nation that was hard hit by COVID-19. Please donate today 

Hospitals supported to date by MAPs NGO arm in Iran,
Nikgaman Jamshid:

Tehran province 
Modarres Hospital, Shohadaye Tejrish Hospital, Imam Hossein Hospital, Torfeh Hospital, Mahdiyeh Hospital, Shohadaye-Yaftabad Hospital, Rasoul Akram Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital

Gilan Province
Razi Hospital, Amir Al Mo’menin Educational Remdial & Research Center, Noorani Hospital, Amini Hospital, Poursina Medical and Educational Center, Dr. Pirooz Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Vali e Asr Hospital, Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Vali-Asr Military Hospital, Kowsar Hospital

*MAP has held a valid OFAC Permit since 2010 and can legally send funds to Iran. We work in Iran through our sister NGO Nikgaman Jamshid.

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Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran

Iran is facing a crisis with the number of individuals infected by the corona virus climbing daily. This has affected the medical sector and increased prices of medicine.

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Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran

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