Emergency Need: 257 Heaters for Kindergartens/Preschool (RoostahMahd) in Sistan Baluchestan

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Emergency Need: 257 Heaters for Kindergartens/ Preschool (RoostahMahd) in Sistan Baluchestan

It is with great sadness that we report the death of 3 beautiful pre-school girls in Zahadan, Sistan Baluchestan, Iran.

Cause of their death was from fire due to malfunction of old non-standard oil heaters in their Preschool/ Kindergarten (RoostahMahd).

Please help fund the immediate purchase and replacement of 257 heaters to be placed in various school in this area.

Each Heater costs $100 and will replace the dangerous old oil operated heaters with new units which are equipped with safety shutoff mechanisms.

Your contribution will help save the lives of over 6000 children.

Winter is here and the region of Sistan Baluchestan is one of the most arid, desolate and impoverished areas of Iran making the purchase and replacement of these 257 heaters even more vital.

Please find it in your heart to help prevent any more tragic deaths.

Urgent Need: $25, 700
Raised 83%

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