Great Honor for MAP’s Music Program in Cambodia

MAP’s music workshop program – CAM Projects – fosters and promotes emotional, social and physical well-being by teaching students the joy of learning, the love of discovery, the confidence to grow, and a sense of responsibility and respect for others. We strive to develop student creativity through engagement in music and arts and to explore emerging technologies in these fields. Our Music Program enables young children and teenagers from Break Bonging village to learn guitar, drums, piano and singing.

Two years ago MAP began its music program (CAM Project) in a room at HOPE ChildrensHome in Cambodia. We started with a drum set, an electric and a bass guitar, a microphone and a sound proofed room.

In 2016 some of these children formed a band DOCH CHKAE and started playing their first concerts in Phnom Penh and with the outstanding performance of lead singer Ouch Theara (18 years old), electric guitar genius Sok Vichey (16 years old) and drum wonder-boy Vireak (17 years old), the band rapidly made a splash among the Cambodian alternative music scene.

And when Otres Market announced the Battle of Bands in the south of Cambodia with $500 to win, DOCH CHKAE jumped into the next bus and headed down south to participate in a battle of 10 professional bands. The boys were nervous competing against such great musicians but the public was heavily impressed when DOCH CHKAE and the won the battle!!!!

The whole battle was a fundraiser for a nearby school and as singer Theara and guitarist Vichey grew up in MAP’s HOPE ChildrensHome it was their idea to donate $100 from their winnings to the school.

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