Humanitarian Relief Campaign Against COVID-19

Humanitarian Relief Campaign Against Covid19

Coronavirus Campaign

Our hearts go out to the victims of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic worldwide. Regardless of how prepared a nation is for the coronavirus outbreak, disasters of such magnitude require us to come together to intervene with humanitarian assistance to save lives and to hopefully contain the spread of this dangerous pandemic.

Iran is among the countries hit hardest with the novel COVID-19 pandemic. The Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA), Moms Against Poverty (MAP), Institute for International Health and Education (IIHE), Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), Keep Children in School (KCIS), SoCal Persian American Medical Association (SoCalPAMA), along with other dedicated organizations and volunteers, have initiated this coalition called Humanitarian Relief Coalition (HUREC). The mission of HUREC is to provide the necessary medical supplies and financial resources to hospitals, medical teams, and patients in the most effective manner and free of charge to battle the devastating effects of COVID-19 in Iran.

Due to the scope of the disaster, the coalition’s vision is to aggregate resources and centralize efforts in a collective, inclusive and transparent manner to maximize our capacity for effective emergency response. With the help of reputable international aid organizations, the coalition has developed trusted and effective channels of international and local procurement and distribution of medical supplies in Iran.

We urge our members, friends, fellow charitable organizations and foundations in the Iranian diaspora to partner with and support us in this philanthropic mission to save lives and help the Iranian people during this dire emergency.

We pledge to act with full transparency and accountability and will regularly update donors on activities by providing accurate reports, videos and photos of the humanitarian assistance. Our coalition has procured the necessary Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) licenses for transferring humanitarian aid to Iran and will fully comply with the U.S. government’s laws and regulations. The coalition consists of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and all donations in the United States are tax deductible.

We need to act fast as the pandemic is afflicting a bigger portion of the Iranian population every passing day. Please donate here to ensure that essential supplies will reach medical facilities in Iran where the needs are greatest!

Please share this campaign with your entire network and encourage them to participate and feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any question or concern.

Additional Payment Methods:
• If you prefer by Quick-Pay via Zelle please pay to [email protected] at Bank of America.

• If you prefer to send a check to us please mail to:
P.O. Box 8218
Haledon, NJ 07538

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Partner Organizations:

Iranian American Bar Association (IABA)
Medical Magazine, (SEEB)
Multicultural Institute for Development (OMID)
Society of Iranian Psychiatrists in North America (SIPNA)
LA and OC Chapters of the Iranian American Chamber of Commerce
Iranian-American Community Information Center (IACIC)

HUREC Medical Equipment COVID-19 Campaign


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