Butte County Fire Report

Butte County Fire Report-2
Butte County Fire Report-1

You just changed and even saved lives!

As we have started a fresh, new year since the devastating Camp Fire, we would like to acknowledge that your prior and current investment in our organization is what allowed us to immediately mobilize through the crisis, giving our Club kids and families a sense of home, to help them heal and to offer them hope during the chaos.

Many of the kids we serve were emotionally and financially unstable before the Camp Fire - 73% of them already lived below the poverty line. Butte County was already ranked number one in the state of California for Adverse Childhood Experiences and had 1,500 homeless youth. What little security and stability many of our Paradise kids had was gone - in one horrific day.

-- Rashell Brobst, CEO Boys & Girls Club, North Valley

Your Donation, helped offer disaster relief and recovery for children & their families, including; food, N95 masks & filtered air; stability and predictability for youth and teens; and care for communities during the three weeks that EVERY school in Butte County was closed.

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