In 1999, Delfarib Fanaie and her husband Farshid Samsami traveled to the country of their birth, Iran, with the intent of adopting a child. The journey lasted several years as they adopted not one but three children. Their travels took them to various orphan care centers in Tehran where they witnessed first-hand the needs of many children.

During their last trip, while they were adopting their third child, a young girl, by the name of Sepideh, came to Delfarib and asked her “why can’t you take me with you…WHY NOT ME?”

MAP was founded so that
no child has to say,
“WHY NOT ME?”Our Goal

Stirred by this experience, with no way to respond to this young beautiful girl, Delfarib knew that her life would never be the same. She became determined to inspire friends, family and co-workers to get involved in the plight of impoverished children.

MAP was launched in 2008 by a group of such individuals, who believe that, every child deserves a chance to thrive in this world regardless of where they are born. MAP was born with the goal that so that no child has to say, “WHY NOT ME?”

The kindness and humility of forsaken children has taught us to look at the world as one, remembering that all children, regardless of where they are born, deserve a chance to grow and reach their potential.

Since 2008 MAP has grown into a network of like-minded individuals with the belief and conviction that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can radically change the life of a child.

Iran <b>Earthquake Update</b> Nov 22, 2017

Iran Earthquake Update Nov 22, 2017

https://youtu.be/Lb-esHMfCd8On-site report from Dr. Ashkan Taghipour, Managing Director of Nikgaman Jamshid, MAP’s sister NGO in Iran"We are currently stationed in Sare-Pol-Zahab. We have visited the villages along the route from Kermanshah to Sare-Pol-Zahab as well as the Ghasr-Shirin area and a
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Iran <b>Earthquake Update</b> Nov 17, 2017

Iran Earthquake Update Nov 17, 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjTfPuKVmEgThis coming Saturday, under the direct supervision of Dr. Ashkan Taghipour (Director of MAP's Sister NGO in Iran - Nikghman Jamshid), two large trucks will be leaving Tehran for the earthquake-stricken areas of Western Iran, taking the most needed items
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MAP <b>Iran Earthquake</b> 2017 <b>Campaign</b>
MAP’s Third School in Senegal

MAP’s Third School in Senegal

We are pleased to report that we have finished construction of our third school in Mbour, Senegal. The school is now open and the children are attending this newly constructed preschool.
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MAP Education Program in Cambodia

MAP Education Program in Cambodia

We are pleased to share that our school in Cambodia - HOPE School - is now providing free day programs, preschool and kindergarten classes for impoverished children in our community. This program is organized to use this extra time in the day with our children
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