Delfarib Fanaie

A compassionate humanitarian and an advocate of children all over the world, Fulfilling her life-long vision to extend a helping hand to the neediest children in the most deprived countries of the world, Delfarib co-founded Moms Against Poverty in 2008. With over 35 years of experience in the real estate market, Delfarib currently works as an asset manager for a well known real estate investor in the Bay Area.

Ladan Kimiayi Judge

The belief that we must be and live the change that we desire to see in the world has inspired and guided Ladan throughout her life. Ladan has served as the Vice President and COO of MAP since its inception. She holds a Doctorate in Vitalistic Healing and Homeopathic Medicine and has worked with various national and international organizations assisting those in need.


Bobak Cyrus Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari is honored to be heading Marketing and Digital Media for MAP. He has been producing MAPs digital media and annual recap narratives since 2008, and is also a Philanthropy Partner. In addition, he is a regional theater actor and entrepreneur, with a past history of work in Mental Health and with court dependent kids. He’s been a Court Appointed Special Advocate since 2003, defending the interests of court dependent foster youth. Bakhtiari can also be seen on TV in a variety of network shows or possibly chasing someone in an Indie film. Bakhtiari owns an offbeat philanthropic car wash with a dinosaur exhibit near SFO: touchfreewash.com. Bakhtiari is also founder of FuelForChange.org, a CSR, and VRWash.com, (developing immersive content for car wash tunnels). He fervently endorses spontaneous dancing, works to expand his movement vocabulary regularly, and seeks to cultivate and inspire the ever proliferating treasures of generosity, community, and gratefulness everywhere.


Sam Alavi

Sam is currently the Director of Strategic Programs & Initiatives for University Development at UC Davis and has her Masters degree in higher education leadership and nonprofit management from Stanford University. Her work usually focuses on organizational development and diversity/equity strategic planning. She has been involved in MAP for a number of years and prior to MAP was on the board of a national organization working towards racial and gender justice for almost ten years. She is currently also on the board of Empower Yolo, and nonprofit organization supporting women and children impacted by domestic and sexual violence. In her free time, Sam is involved in political advocacy in order to impact social change at a local, state, and federal policy level.

Yasamin Shamshiri

Yasamin holds an MA in Linguistics. She joined MAP in 2011 and has been devoting her time fully to the advancement of MAP’s mission of breaking the cycle of childhood poverty across the globe. She acts as the Chief Financial & Compliance Officer of the organization. She is passionate about helping orphans and underprivileged children, regardless of geography, ethnicity, and race. She had earlier worked as the Marketing Manager of a European office of a leading international law firm.